The Hino XL7 and XL8 Truck –  Setting New Standards

Now you can enjoy the ultimate ownership experience in either of the new Hino XL Series commercial trucks. Generously equipped with a powerful and reliable Hino A09 turbo diesel engine and an Allison transmission, you can be assured that your new truck will be a long lasting, dependable addition to your fleet.

Hino has always been a strong advocate for putting safety first and the Hino XL Series is no exception. Hino XL7 and XL8 truck cabs have been produced for safe, easy entry and exit with exterior grab handles, deep all-weather grip steps and extra wide door openings.  Standard LED headlights, a high seating position and a 2,385 sq. in. windshield provide maximum visibility for the driver.  Advanced active safety systems are also available on all models.

The XL has an extremely attractive interior design and automotive grade quality finish. Hino XL7 and XL8 Series interiors are easy on the eyes and more importantly on your back, with exceptional driver comfort. The standard air-ride cab and driver’s seat put layers of air between you and the rough road. Included premium features like hands-free Bluetooth calling and audio, steering wheel controls, a large LCD information center display, cruise control, and air conditioning enhance operator effectiveness.

Include Hino TELEMATICS, CASE MANAGEMENT and REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS, all standard and you have the makings of a type of commercial truck that sets industry standards and impresses all around.

At Hino we’re changing the way we support our vehicles and customers so that your

business is first. From the moment you take delivery of your Hino Insight equipped

connected vehicle, you’re on the road to more uptime and lower operating costs.

Combining Telematics, Remote Diagnostics and Case Management in one integrated

platform, Hino Insight puts critical vehicle and driver management tools at your fingertips.



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